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The History of this Forum

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The History of this Forum

Post  Admin on Tue May 24, 2011 7:10 am

Hello and Welcome to the Becoming Human Fanbase!

Before you chose to go any further I would to give you a brief history of how our community came into existence.

Once upon a time in a faraway blog several young and naïve children stumbled across a blog. However this was not ordinary just a blog, this was a start of adventure. The blog in question was on the BBC all about a new web show called “Becoming Human”. To these children the show was more than something to watch, it was a place to share, somewhere to theorise. A haven in there confusing lives.

Soon the bloggers did not just care about the show they cared about each other. So once the 8 episodes finished the bloggers didn’t stop blogging, they no longer cared about updates and information to piece the puzzle together they wanted to stay a community. For several weeks the children carried on the way they were, not a cloud in there blue sky. However happiness doesn’t last very long.

In the next part of their journey changed everything.
Boys changed into men and the girls (for lack of a better word) into Bitches.

This all happened in …

This war all started because of something called “change” but not just any change, bad change.

The bloggers natural habitat had been messed with, killing them off one by one. While some were on the front line fighting for freedom, others were think of a better way around there uncomfortable situation. But there was one blogger who strived above them all, to greater heights no one had expected of her. That blogger was to be our queen…

She thought of an alternate place for the bloggers to live. Somewhere they could live their own way, make their own rules. That blogger was the one and only…


She built the bloggers a new home and within 4 hours many, almost all, had made the move.

However their journey does not stop there. But that my friend is all you need to know. Be a part of their future! Join their new home! Flourish in their tangents.

Written by our resident Ninja: Claire/CHEESE

aj x


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